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Who we are

We are an eloquent group of innovators who specialize in various fields such as content creation, music production, and artist management. Our primary goal is to provide a user-friendly platform that enables songwriters, artists, composers, indie labels, and producers to distribute and license their assets worldwide for commercial use.
Our world class automated marketing platform and talent curators streamline the discovery of assets and licensing processes.


Own your

Our belief is that artists should maintain their independence, exercise total control over their professional lives, and avoid being restricted by unfair deals and dubious contracts that are common in the music industry. Build your career on your own terms.


» Free Music Distribution
» We get your music seen & heard globally.
» We administer claiming policies that protects your content.
» We plan your release.
» Free ISRC Codes, UPC Codes.
» Convenient YouTube monetization and fingerprinting for all clients.
» Easy collection of Royalties.
» Customizable smart link to Share your release
» Fast track release
» We hone and manage your talents better than them.

We are all close together

Unlock your full potential.
Getting your music out there has never been easier. we've got you.
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