Get your music distributed and playing in over 200 digital stores across the Globe.


We are an eloquent group of innovators, content creators, think Tanks, Artists, Musicians, DJs, Audio and Video producers, business professionals, programmers and artist managers with one motive; to provide a simple platform for songwriters, artists, music composers, indie labels, content creators and producers to distribute and license their assets worldwide for commercial exploitation. Our world class automated marketing platform and talented curators streamline the discovery of assets and licensing processes.



Digital Music Distributuion

we provide a platform for artists and musicians to distribute and sell their music to over 200 digital music stores for example Spotify, Apple Music, Boomplay, Deezer, Amazon Music, TikTok, Instagram, etc, in over 180 countries across the globe reaching new fanbase and audiences.


Plause media helps you earn money by collecting royalties for the usage of your content particularly music on all streaming platforms across the globe.

Talent Management

Hard work beats talent, especially when talent doesn’t work hard. If you can’t out-play them, then you have to out-work them. Our daily commitment is to ensure that our clients achieve their professional and personal goals. With a number of Kenya’s media personalities on our book, we offer career development assistance and financial management advice, to ensure your finances last longer than your career.

Content Management

CATALOGUE - We manage inbound content promote new releases, curate playlists, create tags, categorize you content and auto scrape the web for specific tags to find matches within your catalogue and administering claiming policies that protects your content.
METADATA - Each track comes with enriched metadata including BPM, Key and standardized groups of genres.

Advertising and marketing

Our skilled team of experts works with you to provide both small scale & large scale marketing solutions for your release to ensure your product is being recognized on all digital platforms and beyond. We execute campaigns by advertising, playlist pitching, and more.

Audio and Video Production

We have skilled and top performing producers amongst us who work hand in hand with you on your vision, imagination for the project and help develop the best action plan to provide masterclass content from pre production to post production, marketing and distribution.


» We get your music seen & heard globally.
» We administer claiming policies that protects your content.
» We plan your release.
» Advertising and marketing your release on our social media platforms.
» Your music is seen & heard globally.
» Audio and video production
» Free ISRC Codes, UPC Codes.
» Convenient YouTube monetization and fingerprinting for all clients.
» Easy collection of Royalties.
» Customizable smart link to Share your release on every streaming platform.
» Fast track release
» We hone and manage your talents better than them.

Share your music with a customizable link

Connect your audience to all of your content with just one automated link.

Start by searching the name of your song, copy the link and you are good to go.

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